Commercial Plumbing System Design & Construction

Best Plumbing Company Award

Southport Engineered Systems is proud to offer complete Plumbing and Process Piping operations. Throughout the years, Southport has developed and maintained a unique proficiency designing and installing plumbing systems, from the standard domestic/commercial applications to the most innovative, state of the art plumbing networks. The master engineers at Southport design and repair plumbing systems for every facet of industrial facilities.

Internal Plumbing for Commercial Facilities

From 1,000,000-square-foot facilities in Kenosha to small warehouses in Waukesha, Southport Engineered Systems repairs, designs and installs internal plumbing systems for a variety of businesses. Whether you need to design a plumbing system capable of supporting 3,500 employees, or you just need to repair a single eyewash station, you can rely on the experienced technicians at Southport.

Commercial Fire Protection Systems

The technicians at Southport Engineered Systems design commercial fire protection systems for a wide variety of facilities. Southport’s fire protection system designs include anti-freeze, dry and deluge fire suppression. Backed by years of experience, Southport technicians possess the foresight to identify and address potential problem areas in your facility and ensure you have adequate protection.

Industrial Plumbing Design

Businesses in Wisconsin’s booming industrial sector turn to Southport Engineered Systems when their manufacturing process requires efficient plumbing systems. Our team of expert engineers minimize water waste and maximize production efficiency. Facilities manufacturing everything from food products or cardboard to chemicals and steel turn to Southport for system design and repair.

Southport's engineering and design capabilities are virtually unmatched by any competitor in Southeast Wisconsin. With a robust workforce of licensed plumbers, Southport has the resources available to design, including the latest in 3-D modeling, fabrication and installation services for any type of plumbing project. Southport is ranked by The Daily Reporter as the 3rd best Plumbing Company in Wisconsin.

Fire Protection