Commercial HVAC System Design & Construction

Best Mechanical Contractor Award

Southport's engineering and design capabilities allow our expert engineers to install and repair all types of industrial HVAC systems. The expert engineers at Southport have decades of industry experience working on basic and complex HVAC systems, turning every challenge into a success.

At Southport, we fabricate our own sheet metal and prefabricate many of the piping systems we install. Combined with fully integrated software programs and procedures, we can utilize cost control estimating, BIM and/or 3D drafting and prefabrication services to enhance the quality of our work and enable us to meet or exceed your construction schedule.

Commercial HVAC Capabilities

  • Basic Ventilation Systems
  • Chilled Water Systems
  • 1000 Ton Air Handlers
  • And More

Whether you need a basic HVAC system for an apartment building or an advanced ventilation system for a hospital clean room, Southport knows no limitations. Give us your specifications and our engineers build to suit. There’s a reason countless Wisconsin businesses turn to us for HVAC system design and installation.

HVAC Components Used

  • Condensers
  • Custom Duct Work
  • Humidifiers
  • And More

Your facility may only require a heat exchanger and custom duct work. It could also require a massive air handler, a chilled water system, and multiple unique ventilation zones. Whatever your facility requires, the experts at Southport will fabricate custom duct work to fit the unique needs of your HVAC system.

Reliable HVAC Solutions for Commercial Properties

When the need for diverse project experience is in demand, Southport has perfected its skills and workforce effectively and efficiently to achieve these goals. Southport’s capabilities encompass HVAC Piping and Sheet Metal work, which allows a building owner or developer to enjoy the convenience and efficiency of our source of services.

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