Welcome to Southport Engineered Systems

Southport Engineered Systems is a full service HVAC and Plumbing design company, specializing in providing our customers with practical, affordable and buildable designs, as well as the accurate budgeting and strategizing to keep projects on track and in scope.

Located in Caledonia, Wisconsin, centrally located between Milwaukee and the Wisconsin-Illinois state line, our engineers are currently licensed in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wisconsin, with extensive experience in building, mechanical, and plumbing codes.

Through Southport Engineered Systems' affiliation with our sister company, Southport Heating, Plumbing & Geothermal, we are able to offer our customers full design-to-build service capabilities from two companies with recognized reputations for quality and excellence in our industry.

SOUTHPORT Engineered Systems
1343 S. 27th Street • Caledonia • WI • 53108 • 262-654-6630