Commercial Fire Suppression Systems Construction

Southport Engineered Systems designs & installs state-of-the-art fire suppression systems. Our team of engineers creates turn-key fire suppression systems for commercial and municipal facilities across Southeast Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Working with Southport Engineered Systems means meeting project requirements, staying on-budget, and meeting project deadlines. If you're looking for the best fire suppression system design look no further than Southport.

Southport Engineered Systems is the Midwest’s leading expert on:

Fire Suppression System Design in Wisconsin 

Fire Protection System

As a complete mechanical contractor with unmatched engineering and design capabilities, Southport Engineered Systems can design, fabricate and install a turn-key commercial fire suppression system for any new or existing industrial facility. With decades of collective industry experience, our engineers can identify and address potential problem areas of your facility to ensure you have adequate fire protection. Our services extend well beyond design and installation; Southport Engineered Systems repairs and tests existing fire suppression systems for industrial facilities. Thanks to our unmatched engineering knowledge and plumbing expertise, Southport will design, repair and install the right fire commercial fire suppression system for your facility.

Our fire suppression systems can include:

  • Water-Based Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • NFPA 13 Water Systems
  • Fire Alarms
  • Backflow Prevention & Cross Connection
  • Fire Pump Controls
  • Wet, Dry, Deluge, Pre-action and Anti-Freeze Sprinkler Systems

Fire Suppression Systems in Commercial Buildings

Your fire suppression system is more than a series of sprinklers. Many commercial fire protection systems use emergency lights, fire alarms, hoses, suppression systems, backflow preventers, and more; each with their own set of NFPA rules and guidelines. Your facility may require some or all of these systems depending on your needs. Licensed in 7 states, our engineers understand the nuances of commercial fire suppression systems and will design a system unique to your facility.

Fire suppression systems must meet a combination of SPS and NFPA codes. NFPA codes are federally mandated and dictate mandates on everything from how a sprinkler head can be installed to how fire extinguishers can be mounted. SPS codes vary from city to city and mandate a facility’s required safety protocols. The engineers at Southport have years of experience working with state and county fire codes in Southeast Wisconsin. We guarantee your fire suppression system will be up to code and keep your facility and staff safe in an emergency.

Commercial Fire Protection System Design & Installation
Fire Suppression System Design
Fire Protection System Repair


Fire Suppression System Repair & Maintenance in Wisconsin

Southport Engineered Systems will protect your industrial facility long after we’ve built and installed your commercial fire suppression system. Our team of certified inspectors and engineers will repair, test, and upgrade your fire protection equipment to ensure it’s always ready in an emergency. We install commercial fire suppression systems in new and existing industrial facilities. Southport Engineered System’s commercial fire suppression services include:

  • Retrofitting & Remodeling
  • Emergency Back-Up Power & Lighting
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Equipment Inspection

Experienced Fire Suppression System Design

With decades of experience installing fire suppression systems in commercial and municipal buildings in the Midwest. We are integral in the growth of Southeast Wisconsin and our fire suppression systems can be found in buildings in Kenosha, Racine, Milwaukee, and Walworth Counties. Contact us to start designing, testing, building, or repairing your fire suppression system today.

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