Trimble System

Southport Engineered Systems Adds Trimble Technology for Greater Efficiency and Accuracy

As part of our commitment to improving the quality of our work and increasing efficiency, we have invested in an impressive technology from Trimble, the leading developer of hardware and software solutions for construction management.

The Trimble system is an essential tool for accurate:

The Trimble RTS873, used in conjunction with the Trimble Field Tablet, eliminates guesswork when surveying a site for plumbing, HVAC and mechanical systems while dramatically heightening the precision of layouts and shortening the time it takes to create them. In fact, we can actually start designing a system while on site.

No more tape measures and templates

With Trimble’s Constructible Process, the data is so accurate that complex jobs can be designed in far shorter time than conventional tape measures and template surveying allows. Adding this technology to our toolbox will dramatically shorten the design process while also improving the end result.

Trimble Technology enables us to:

  • Design plumbing systems and prefab the fittings and pipes based on drawings created on-site
  • Design HVAC systems and prefab the ductwork based on drawings created on-site
  • Direct field layout with live video images to produce highly accurate layouts
  • Compensate for uneven floors and ceilings to ensure positioning accuracy
  • Streamline team collaboration and productivity
Trimble Tablet Designing Plumbing System
Trimble Scanner Designing HVAC System
Trimble Scanner Designing Fire Protection System

Southport proudly uses Trimble Technology in construction management throughout southeastern Wisconsin, including these areas:

  • Jefferson County
  • Waukesha County
  • Milwaukee County
  • Waukesha County
  • Kenosha County
  • Racine County
  • Dane County 
Fire Protection