Commercial Fire Alarm Systems in Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois

A Reputation for Quality Craftsmanship in Fire Suppression

While you can cut corners in other areas of construction, settling for average or sub-par fire protection isn’t an option. The consequences of an inadequate fire suppression system can prove disastrous. With over 100 years of combined contracting and engineering experience, there’s no better choice than Southport Engineered Systems to protect and defend your commercial property from the threat of fire.

Southport will craft and install a dependable fire alarm system for your commercial property, meeting your project requirements on budget and on time. We understand NFPA and SPS regulations front to back, and guarantee your fire system will be safe and up to code.

Fire Alarm System Design for Retail, Industrial, Medical, Hospitality, and Residential Buildings

Southport Engineered Systems has been keeping Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois safe with top-quality commercial fire suppression systems since 2005.


Offered Fire Protection Systems:

  • .NFPA 13 Water Systems
  • .Fire Alarms
  • .Backflow Prevention & Cross Connection
  • .Fire Pump Controls
  • .Antifreeze Sprinkler Systems


Southport Installs A Variety of Fire Alarm Systems

Wet Pipe Sprinkler Systems:

A wet pipe sprinkler system has pipes that are always filled with water. When the glass bulbs in the sprinkler heads are exposed to ceiling heat, the bulbs break and water is released immediately.

  • Affordable
  • Low-maintenance
  • Most common type of sprinkler system in high-occupancy buildings like apartments, hotels and malls

Dry Pipe Systems:

Dry pipe sprinklers are filled with pressurized air to prevent leaks and busting pipes. Heat activates water release from dry pipe sprinklers.

  • Expensive
  • Critical for cold temperatures to eliminate concerns of water-filled pipes bursting and freezing
  • Common in freezers, loading docks and cold warehouses

Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems:

Pre-action sprinkler systems hold water back with an electrically operated valve. When a fire is detected, valves open to let water into individual sprinklers based on where the fire is detected. Pre-action systems feature pressurized air to keep water in place to decrease the risk of accidental discharge.

  • Expensive
  • Critical for places with valuable items like museums, tech hubs and historic libraries

Deluge Fire Systems:

A deluge fire system has open sprinkler heads and releases water from all sprinkler heads at the same time. Water remains stored behind a control valve (activated by heat or smoke) and comes from a direct water supply.

  • Ideal for chemical & power plants and manufacturing environments
  • Critical where rapid flooding is needed to stop the spread of fire

Fire Sprinkler Inspection In Wisconsin

Southport inspectors and engineers are certified and up-to-date on the latest National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and work with you to develop a regular fire sprinkler inspection schedule to keep your facility operating safely. We follow all mandated procedures for thorough fire sprinkler inspections as outlined by NFPA 25, including replacing or testing:

  • .Sprinklers that have been in use for 50 years
  • .Quick-response sprinklers and early suppression fast-response sprinklers that have been in use for 20 years
  • .Dry sprinklers that are at least 10 years old
  • .Sprinklers in harsh environments every 5 years (ex: corrosive atmospheres or chemically reactive harsh water environments)
  • .Sprinklers in a representative sample of any sprinkler failing to satisfy test requirements

Contact us to learn when to have your sprinklers tested and stay ahead of the game on fire preparedness.

Commercial Fire Sprinkler Repair

Southport Engineered Systems will defend your property long after we’ve built and installed your commercial fire protection system. Our team of certified inspectors and engineers will repair, test and upgrade your fire alarm system’s equipment to ensure optimum performance when emergency strikes.

  • .Inspection
  • .Retrofitting and remodeling
  • .Emergency backup power and lighting
  • .Service and maintenance

Do Your Property’s Fire Sprinklers Need Repair?

When it comes to fire sprinkler readiness, don’t shrug off issues and hope for the best- it might be the last time you see your building in one piece. Pay attention to warning signs of faulty and broken sprinkler systems, including:

  • .Water marks on the walls or ceiling indicating leaks from pressure buildup on the sprinkler joints
  • .Loose, crooked, damaged or broken sprinkler heads
  • .False alarms and random sprinkler activation, likely caused by trapped air

If you see any signs of sprinkler dysfunction in your building, call us for immediate emergency sprinkler repair.

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