Commercial Plumbing Design, Construction, Installation and Repair

For Southeastern Wisconsin & Northern Illinois

At Southport Engineered Systems, we know you count on top-quality plumbing services to keep your commercial properties running smoothly. Our team has decades of combined engineering and construction experience with commercial projects, bringing you the confidence of a job done right. We design, construct, install and repair commercial plumbing systems for hospitals, apartments, offices, hotels, government buildings, manufacturing plants, and more.

Call Southport Engineered Systems for your commercial plumbing needs.

Custom Plumbing for Your Commercial Properties

No matter what type of plumbing system you’re looking for, Southport Engineered Systems is ready to deliver. Our superior customer service and in-depth knowledge of design, codes, challenges and solutions make us the ideal partner for your job. From standard applications to state-of-the-art, intricately designed specialty systems, we build to your specifications and maximize your building’s efficiency.


Offered Plumbing Capabilities

When you work with Southport, you’ll take “relying on plumbing suppliers” off your stress list. We prefabricate your industrial plumbing components so you stay on or ahead of your construction schedule and get quality parts direct from us. Some of our recent projects include Springs of Kenosha and Olympia Brown School.

Commercial Plumbing Repair for Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois

Broken pipes, damaged plumbing and plumbing systems that barely get you by are recipes for disaster and can be detrimental to your commercial properties. Sprinkler systems that don’t engage properly can devastate your building’s occupants and leave you with nothing. Gambling on faulty systems simply isn’t worth it. For professional, efficient and responsive commercial plumbing repairs and 24/7 emergency plumbing service, contact Southport Engineered Systems.

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