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Prefabricating Commercial Mechanical Systems

Commercial Ductwork Prefabrication ServicesWhen designing commercial mechanical systems Southport asks, “what has to be done in the field?” and prefabs everything else. Southport strives to prefabricate any and all mechanical systems to maximize quality, efficiency and project safety.

Our fabrication shop, strategically located on I-94 in Caledonia, WI, has over 50,000 square feet outfitted with state-of-the-art workstations and hoisting equipment for cutting, welding and joining all types of mechanical systems. We utilize galvanized sheet metal, stainless steel, aluminum, fiberglass, black iron and other materials when manufacturing rectangular, round and oval ductwork. Our prefabricated components are exported directly from our models to the shop for construction, ensuring the highest quality and accuracy. All shop fabricated work is inspected and tested prior to shipment. Field supervisors recheck items on-site prior to installation.

With our state-of-the-art equipment and staff of qualified employees, our fabrication shop can fabricate and assemble accurately any type of piping configuration from the simplest riser to complex mechanical and boiler rooms. The shop’s controlled environment enables us to maintain a high degree of quality and a constant level of productivity regardless of weather or project site conditions.

Commercial Sprinkler System Fabrication

The fire sprinkler contractors at Southport Engineered Systems design, fabricate and install fire suppression systems for commercial properties in Wisconsin and Illinois. A leading fire suppression company, we prefabricate as many components as possible to ensure reduced time to occupancy. Southport Engineered Systems offers superior:

Fire Sprinkler System Design

Commercial HVAC System Fabrication

The commercial HVAC contractors at Southport Engineered Systems design, build and install turnkey HVAC systems for commercial properties in Wisconsin and Illinois. Our engineers prefabricate custom ductwork and other components to reduce time to occupancy on all construction projects. Southport Engineered Systems offers superior:

Commercial HVAC Contractors

Commercial Plumbing Prefabrication

The commercial plumbing contractors at Southport Engineered Systems design, fabricate and install plumbing systems for commercial and industrial properties in Southeast Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. We are proud to be one of the largest commercial plumbing companies in the Midwest. Southport Engineered Systems offers superior:

Industrial Plumbing Systems

Prefabrication for Southeastern Wisconsin

Southport has been providing prefabrication services in southeastern Wisconsin since 2005. Counties served include:

Other Services:

Get air handler, air condenser, and air humidifier systems designed, installed, and repaired by Southport Engineered Systems. Choose from York, Carrier, Trane, American Standard, Johnson Controls, and Lennox brands.

Southport Engineered Systems designs, installs, and repairs internal plumbing, fire suppression, and industrial plumbing for your facility based on your building's specific needs. Click below for more system details.

You can't have a building without fire sprinklers for protection against mishaps. Trust Southport Engineered Systems to design, install, and maintain your systems efficiently, safely, and with the quality you expect.

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We offer commercial prefabrication services for industries throughout southeast Wisconsin, including:



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