Commercial HVAC, Plumbing & Process Piping Service in Germantown

Germantown Mechanical Contractors & Engineers

We employ the best commercial mechanics and engineers in Germantown. From commercial HVAC repair and installation to process piping installation and repair to mechanical systems designed from the ground up, you can trust the expert engineers at Southport. Our engineers arrive at the job promptly, professionally, and ready to solve whatever challenges lie ahead. Visit our Project Gallery to see on-site photos of our past work. 


Southport offers 24-hour emergency HVAC maintenance calls. No matter the project, no matter the hour, you can count on our eagerness to solve any problem. Our extended services include prefabrication, plumbing system installation, VRF systems, geothermal heating systems, and fire protection systems. Southport has work experience with hospitals, nursing homes, industrial manufacturers, restaurants, apartment buildings, schools, and governmental buildings. We service all Germantown neighborhoods including:

  • Friedenfeld Park
  • Fond du Lac Ave
  • Victory Center
  • Homestead Hollow County Park
  • Pioneer Rd
  • Blackstone Creek Golf Club
  • Lannon Rd.