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For Southeastern Wisconsin Facilities

Commercial HVAC System Installers in Southeast, WI

Since 2005, Southport Engineered Systems has been Southeastern Wisconsin’s trusted partner in commercial HVAC installation. Our team of skilled engineers, technicians and installers have executed hundreds of complex HVAC system implementations for the area’s most critical facilities and landmark buildings. Whether designing life safety systems for hospitals, retrofitting large-scale municipalities or servicing advanced manufacturers, we bring deep expertise in commercial-grade heating, cooling, ventilation and air purification.

Our rigorous project management, attention to detail and Midwest work ethic have made us the go-to provider for installing new HVAC systems. Contact us to solicit a bid below for your next installation project.


Commercial HVAC System Installation Process

Here’s what to expect with commercial HVAC system installation in Southeast Wisconsin with Southport Engineered Systems:

  1. Thorough Assessment - Southport will evaluate your facility's unique challenges to engineer an optimized HVAC solution. We consider factors like building size, layout, occupancy and usage patterns.
  2. System Design - Leveraging the assessment findings and goals of the project, Southport's engineering team will design a complete HVAC system tailored to your specifications.
  3. Proposal and Planning - Southport presents a detailed project proposal for approval, then refines the schedule, coordinates permits/inspections, secures equipment and prepares the site.
  4. Installation - With proven project management, Southport's skilled teams will demolish old systems and install new HVAC components with minimal disruption. 
  5. Testing and Adjustment - Once installation is complete, Southport thoroughly tests and fine-tunes the HVAC system to ensure smooth, energy-efficient operation that meets commercial standards.
  6. Documentation and Training - You will receive complete documentation on the new HVAC system along with technician training for proper ongoing maintenance.

HVAC Systems We Install

Complete HVAC Systems

Regardless of the HVAC system your facility requires, Southport Engineering can help make it happen. We install all major commercial HVAC systems to suit air conditioners, air handlers, chilled water systems and more.

Rooftop Units

Rooftop HVAC units are a popular choice for industrial buildings due to their space-saving design and energy efficiency. Southport installs rooftop units to improve a facility's overall air circulation and optimize heating and cooling performance.


Whether you need ductwork for a new HVAC system or are looking to remodel an existing HVAC system with new ductwork, Southport can help. We design and install ductwork that ensures optimal airflow and temperature regulation throughout your commercial space.

Commercial HVAC Installation Portfolio

Southport Engineered Systems has built an impressive portfolio of installing HVAC systems that improve climate control and energy efficiency in Southeast Wisconsin facilities. Our extensive project resume includes hospitals, municipal centers, universities, industrial plants, commercial towers, data centers and more.

Some of our most recent commercial HVAC installations include:

Southport Engineered Systems is a commercial HVAC service company and installer serving Caledonia, Pleasant Prairie, Oak Creek, Racine, Kenosha, Waukesha, Burlington, Franklin, New Berlin, Milwaukee and all of Southeast Wisconsin.
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