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For Repairs & Custom Systems.

Commercial HVAC engineers

With unrivaled expertise in building commercial HVAC and plumbing solutions for businesses across Southeast Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, Southport Engineered Systems is ready to solve whatever HVAC and plumbing challenges your Waukesha County business is facing. Whether you require design, construction, installation or repair for your commercial HVAC or plumbing system, our engineers and contractors do it all.

We offer 24/7 emergency commercial HVAC and plumbing system repair, and we keep your budget, specifications and performance requirements at the center of our work. Experience the difference working with reliable contractors makes for your next new build or system overhaul.


Our Commercial Capabilities

Southport Engineered Systems reduces your time to occupancy. From conceptualization and design to project completion and maintenance, we execute each step of the process with clear communication and precision.

Our commercial scope includes: 

  • Rooftop Units (RTUs) 
  • Package HVAC units 
  • Geothermal heating and cooling 
  • Ventilation systems and multiple unique ventilation zones
  • Custom ductwork
  • Humidifiers and chilled water systems
  • Terminal units 
  • HVAC piping
  • Sheet metal work 
  • Water, waste and storm sewer systems
  • Deionized water piping
  • Compressed air systems
  • Utility and industrial process piping
  • Backflow testing
  • Locating and camera services 
  • And more

With our advanced integrated software systems and prefabrication services, your project keeps moving on budget and on time.


Commercial HVAC Systems

We are the largest Carrier dealer in Southeast Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, and we service all common industrial HVAC units.

  • York
  • Trane
  • American Standard
  • Johnson Controls
  • Lennox 

Let our attention to detail and cost-effective solutions exceed your expectations.


Common HVAC Services We Perform


Commercial Plumbing Systems

Take the stress and uncertainty out of your new build or renovation with our prefabrication services, designed to accelerate your project’s efficiency. With Southport as your direct supplier of plumbing components, you don’t have to wait on third party suppliers. We have crafted high-quality commercial plumbing systems for facilities across Southeast Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, and we look forward to serving your Waukesha County business with professionalism and care.


Common Plumbing Services We Perform

  • Commercial plumbing design
  • Commercial plumbing installation
  • Commercial plumbing repair
  • Emergency repairs
  • Plumbing camera services

Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems

Get the right commercial fire sprinkler system for your new build or existing facilities with Southport Engineered Systems. We follow NFPA and SPS regulations, and we guarantee your fire system will be safe and up to code. Our team will help you determine whether a wet pipe, dry pipe, pre-action or deluge system is best for your property.

  • Inspection
  • Retrofitting and remodeling
  • Emergency backup power and lighting
  • Maintenance 

Common Fire Protection Installations We Perform

  • NFPA 13 Water Systems
  • Backflow Prevention & Cross Connection
  • Antifreeze Sprinkler Systems
  • Fire Alarms
  • Fire Pump Controls